Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Moving Online is WAY Easier than it is in Real Life

Friends, Romans, Countrymen (and women),

After having let my old blogspot site languish for the better part of a year or two, I'm back at it in the blogosphere, and for a really great reason--I just recently accepted a call to serve as the pastor of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Longview, Washington. My first Sunday there is September 25, but in the meanwhile, I'm laying the groundwork for my ministry there by doing things such as...well, starting a new blog.

The primary purpose of this blog will be to serve as a place to house all of my sermons, columns, and other written materials I'll be creating over the course of my ministry, but a significant secondary purpose will be also to simply talk about the life of a young and (hopefully) up-and-coming pastor. Our vocation is a little bit different than, say, being a doctor or a lawyer, and while you can get your impressions of living in those occupations from House or Law & Order, we pastors do not as of yet have a blockbuster television show that makes our lives seem more exciting than they are. Hence that second goal of this new blog.

In any case, and however you have found this particular corner of the internet blogosphere, thank you for stopping by. I plan to have a steady stream of new material from this point forward for the frequent visitors among you, and it is my hope and prayer that this blog might serve as a spark, and a home, for dialogue across any number of religious ideas. Look for the first of such posts in the next few days.

With that, back to the real life move--boxes, suitcases, and extreme amounts of whatnot. I love my shelves and shelves of books, but boxing and moving them is perhaps the best argument ever for just buying a Kindle instead.

Yours in Christ,