About Eric

In a sentence, I'm a West Coast slacker stuck in the body of a Midwestern workaholic.

After being born and raised in Kansas, I moved to the Left Coast and have remained here ever since. Following interludes in Portland, Oregon, and Berkeley, California, for undergraduate and graduate school respectively, I now serve as the pastor of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Longview, Washington, a wonderful town about an hour's drive north of Portland. I love both my work and where I get to do my work, and, God willing, will be doing this strange work called ministry for a long time to come.

I'm a basket-to-casket member of the Disciples of Christ, but my interests in church and ministry are far-flung, encompassing many traditions, interpretations, and topics, and I hope you will find that reflected in my writing here. My writing has appeared in The Christian Century, Christianity Today, Sojourners, and Christ & Cascadia and, like my preaching, it aims to guide, inspire, even challenge, but to never threaten.

On June 7, 2014, I joyfully married my wife, Carrie. We are the proud adoptive parents of two little rescue furballs, a Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix named Sir Henry Wiggly (that's him and me in the photo!) and a poodle/Bichon Frisee mix named Dame Frida Koala.

You can follow me on Twitter at @RevEricAtcheson, and you can email me at eric@lvfirstchristian.gmx.com. You can also subscribe to The Theophilus Project by entering your email address into the "Subscribe" function that over on the right hand side of the page. Thank you for reading and following!

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