Saturday, June 9, 2012

Publicity Hound, Part II

After my first foray into being interviewed by the local paper when I arrived at Longview FCC, I still to this day hear good-natured cracks from my friends over me wearing my Steve Jobs turtleneck sweater for the interview.

Thankfully, this second foray, an article about Taize-style worship, into local media exposure did not include a photo op.

My friend and colleague Rev. Phil Rushton and I are quoted extensively in the article, as we both have begun leading occasional evening services at our respective congregations that utilize the Taize style (in my case, I have also blended it with Quaker and emergent spiritual practices as well, but the article does make that clear, that what we hold is not an exclusively Taize-style service).

It's a good article that includes some thoughtful food for reflection from a couple of young bucks in the ministry who are both doing a lot of work in trying to re-think what church can look like for today.

But I do want to make one clarification: I am quoted as saying that, "I thought, 'why not, in addition to the traditional morning service, add some kind of evening prayer service?'"  This is not completely accurate.

The idea of an evening prayer service did not originate with me, it originated from within my congregation.  I cannot (and am not) attempting to take credit, especially a bow in public, for the creativity and spirituality of my parish.  The monthly ACTS worship we put on is their brainchild, not mine, and I am simply grateful to be allowed in to help guide that ministry!

Yours in Christ,

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