Wednesday, October 9, 2013

20 Needs for Twentysomethings...and by TwentySomethings, I Mean Pastors

I have a blog post on preaching in the works, but I put that one on ice when I saw this article from Relevant magazine show up on a buddy's Facebook feed.

And yeah, it's true for me when I speak as a twentysomething.  I should know how to do all of those things, and they will make be a better young adult.

But I also think all of those things (okay, maybe not parallel parking) would also make any pastor--regardless of age--a better pastor.

And...of course, I can hear someone going, "Duh, Atcheson.  Relevant is a Christian rag.  Of course you'd relate to it as more than just a random millennial."

But when many of us twentysomethings are asking--nay, pleading--to be heard in the Christian environs of the church, things like conversing with anyone of any age, defending our media choices, and being in touch with our amount of internet consumption (I'm blogging on this, so yes, I am a proud hypocrite) are clutch for pastors, regardless of age.  And being able to serve up good coffee is just a given at church...I come to church for the grace and the community, but being able to fuel my four-cups-a-day addiction is a close third in a photo finish.

I think Pope Francis is a great example of this (the need for pastors to follow these tenets--not my impromptu ode to coffee...but who knows, maybe he loves java as much as yours truly).  Fundamentally, the majority of Relevant's list consists of instances of putting other people first.  More than anything, that principle has defined Francis's papacy, and he (and the church) is reaping popularity and positive responses because of it.

I will also say this: I struggle massively with exhibiting such humility myself.  For every person who tells me I am humble, believe me when I say there is another person who speaks up to hold me accountable if they see me as arrogant.

More than anything else, that is why I am commending this list to you (albeit with this increasingly extensive commentary from me here =) ).  Because I know that I sometimes struggle with all of those things on the list (or abstain from them altogether in the case of parallel parking...seriously), I know that there might be value for others out there just like me--young, determined, sarcastic, a tad idealistic, broken, messed-up, overjoyed pastors.

I love being a twentysomething.  And I love being a pastor.  But sometimes you just need someone else to tell you how to be better at both, you know?

Yours in Christ,

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