Thursday, August 31, 2017

An Announcement of the Greatest Kind

I haven't been writing much here on the blog for the past several months beyond my sermons and newsletter columns, for which I beg your forgiveness but I'd like to think that I have a good reason: I've been working on a book manuscript that has officially been picked up for publication by Church Publishing, Inc., the publishing arm of the Episcopalian Church.

The book, tentatively entitled Oregon Trail Theology: The Frontier Millennial Christians Face, and How We're Ready, is a series of stories, suggestions, and examinations of current research about the spirituality of my generation, the millennials (yes, we of the avocado toasts, fidget spinners, and perpetual existential angst), and how that spirituality is in many ways a direct reaction to how the church has behaved towards us and our sensibilities, for both good and bad.

The title comes from the moniker of older millennials, and very young Gen X-ers, as the "Oregon Trail Generation" from that popular computer game that we spent all of our elementary school years playing, and that game serves as an overarching metaphor for the book itself. Over 60% of the manuscript has already been written, largely in hours shoehorned in on days off, vacation days, and my sabbatical, and I really do think it contains some of my best writing to date already.

Oregon Trail Theology is currently due out for September 2018, but well before that, you will begin to see some changes to my own site--changes that have been in the making for some time simply because this site turns six(!) today and was already in need of a bit of a refresh. Additionally, once the book is available for pre-order, links for you to reserve yourself a copy will go up here and on pages on Facebook and Twitter.

This isn't the only project that I have got up my sleeve--I still have my Doctor of Ministry study that was recently approved by both my thesis committee and the university, and that I hope to put in the field soon. But for now, I'm ridiculously excited to be working on this particular one as well, and I'm very grateful to Church Publishing for taking the chance on a pastor and writer's debut book.

TL, DR version: I'm writing a book that I'm very passionate about. It'll be published next September, not long after I (hopefully) also complete my doctoral thesis and degree. I'll be accomplishing a lot in 2018, and I am determined to make that year my annus mirabilis.

Longview, Washington
August 31, 2017

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  1. Great news Eric! Glad some of your writing will be gathered in one place. Your words are always interesting/challenging. Keep up the good work!